A BRADFORD school celebrated its history and legacy with an art exhibition.

Carlton Bolling on Undercliffe Lane, Bradford, showcased a spectacular exhibition, delving into the rich history of the institution dating back as far as the 1850s.

The event seamlessly blended relics from the past with contemporary art inspired by the school's inspirational journey.

The exhibition, titled 'Carlton Bolling, the past and the future' transported visitors into a bygone era with a stunning array of artifacts meticulously preserved from 1850.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Artwork made by students on display at the exhibition Carlton Bolling, the past and the future Artwork made by students on display at the exhibition Carlton Bolling, the past and the future (Image: UGC)

Vintage record keeping books, news cuttings, and well-preserved photos allowed attendees to step back in time and witness the school's evolution over the decades.

As visitors wandered through the historical artifacts, they were then guided into a space adorned with breathtaking art pieces created by the school's talented staff and students. Inspired by the school's legacy and the stories encapsulated within its walls, the art exhibit featured paintings, sculptures, and multimedia installations that captured the essence of the institution's journey.

Taaeba Ali, curator of the gallery and teacher of Creative Studies, said: “Setting up the gallery to showcase the history of Carlton Bolling School was a gratifying endeavour aimed at capturing the institution's vibrant journey.

“The event served as a source of pride for students, fostering a deep sense of connection to their academic roots.

“Through thoughtful presentation and engaging displays, the gallery became a visual narrative, allowing all visitors to witness the transformative evolution of Carlton Bolling and its unwavering commitment to education.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Quotes reflecting on the values and ethos of the school printed in clothQuotes reflecting on the values and ethos of the school printed in cloth (Image: UGC)

The gallery featured an impressive showcase of talents spanning diverse disciplines, proudly spotlighting the creativity and prowess of Carlton Bolling School's students.

From captivating artworks that brought canvas to life, to eloquent expressions in English that painted vivid literary landscapes through creative writing, the exhibition was a testament to the multifaceted skills cultivated within the school.

Head of School Mohammed Azum, said: “Our school has been a witness to so much history, and this exhibition is a celebration of the legacy that continues to thrive within these walls.

“As we continue to nurture the artistic talents of our students, we recognize our role in shaping the cultural identity of our city. The recent gallery is just one chapter in an ongoing story of collaboration, inspiration, and community building.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Artwork on display at the exhibition Artwork on display at the exhibition (Image: UGC)

“We envision our school as a hub where creativity is not just encouraged but celebrated, and where the arts play an integral role in shaping the future of our city.

We extend our gratitude to the students, parents, and community members who have supported our endeavours.”