A BRADFORD primary school which students have described as ‘perfect’ has received a glowing Ofsted report.

Marshfield Primary School, on Thornton Lane, off Little Horton Lane, has received praise in its recent ungraded Ofsted inspection on November 1 and 2 with indications suggesting that the school may achieve an 'outstanding' grade if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now.

The report describes the school as being ‘at the heart of the community ’, and maintains high expectations for both pupils and their families, resulting in a thriving environment.

It states: “Pupils achieve exceptional outcomes. This includes those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and those who are disadvantaged.

“Pupils are happy and safe. Throughout the school, there are caring and supporting relationships. Pupils are proud of their school and describe it as ‘perfect’.

“They say everyone is welcome and treated with kindness.”

In addition to its academic achievements, Marshfield Primary School places a strong emphasis on personal development and enrichment.

The 'Carlton edge' programme ensures that pupils are able to explore their interests and talents, while also providing access to a variety of educational trips and visits through the 'social capital' programme.

The school's extra-curricular programme offers a diverse range of sporting and creative activities, contributing further to the holistic development of its pupils.

The report said: “The ‘Carlton edge’ programme ensures that pupils develop their interests and talents. All pupils access a variety of trips and visits as part of the ‘social capital’ programme. Pupils enjoy a range of sporting and creative activities in the extra-curricular programme, such as basketball, music, cooking and science club.

“The school has developed opportunities for pupils to be leaders, which include the school council, connect advisers and sports leaders. Pupils take their responsibilities seriously.”

The exceptional standards permeate throughout the school, with teachers demonstrating strong subject knowledge and providing clear guidance to pupils, fostering an environment where pupils take great pride in their high-quality work.

Additionally, staff members express a sense of pride in their work, attributing it to the leadership team's ability to promote a manageable workload and prioritise staff well-being through continuous professional development.

Providing a final touch point, trustees are acknowledged for their informed oversight of the school, working effectively alongside leaders to ensure accountability and effective execution of duties.

Headteacher Zara Kearns concluded, "We are thrilled with the recognition of our efforts and the exceptional outcomes our pupils have achieved.

"We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our school, and this recognition firmly reflects the dedication and collaborative efforts of our entire school community."