When the crowds started to pile into St George's Hall for Kate Rusby, I got the sense that this was a festive tradition for many.

And the moment the folk singer-songwriter's voice echoed across the hall I understood why.

For more than two hours, Kate welcomed us into her wonderful and whimsical world.

Sharing the stories behind her music and an insight into her childhood at Barnsley's "Christmas sings", she brought warmth to the soul on a wintery day. 

After releasing her brand new Christmas album, Light Years, Kate is out on tour with her virtuoso band and 'brass boys'.

It's impossible to describe just how silky and angelic Kate's voice is until you hear it in person. 

She sounds like a crisp walk in the Yorkshire Dales and the warmth of a local pub with a crackling fire and live music.

It is no surprise she is known as the Barnsley Nightingale. 

The folk singer spoke about the time she saw her music heroes at a barn festival, or unknowingly soaked up songs from the taproom of her local pub as a child. 

She explained how there's so many different versions of the Christmas songs we know and love - from Cornwall to Bradfield.

There was laughter from one glittery dress to another as she joked about the “folk police” and turning 50.

She also spoke about discovering the definition of her title track, Spean, after it was too late (You can Google that one like I did).

When you are in the presence of someone with true passion and experience, it's impossible not to feel your own soul go on a journey with them.

She has been touring for more than 30 years - making this her 17th Christmas tour.

She hopped from Christmas classics to her own songs.

Only Kate Rusby could present some of the most moving live music I've seen in the same show as a comical encore with themed fancy dress.

But of all the special renditions, Glorious was absolutely beautiful. 

It is inspired by a quiet moment as the sun fell below the trees in her garden on a cold day. 

Longing for spring, the artist imagined a sad angel perched on the branches. 
She returned to her piano and crafted a song that would one day not be forgotten by anyone in Bradford's audience.

Against a backdrop of sparkling trees and mist, the worries of the world seemed to dissipate for just a moment - reminding us all that from the dark days comes light.

Kate Rusby’s Christmas tour continues until December 21.