IT was a ‘poignant’ evening of reflection and remembrance as dozens of people gathered in City Hall for the 20th Christmas Star Appeal.

Each year, people dedicate gold stars in memory of family or friends which they place on the Christmas tree at City Hall.

People who dedicated a star were invited to City Hall yesterday for tea or coffee and a mince pie with the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Three sisters-in-law remember loved ones at the Christmas Star Appeal Three sisters-in-law remember loved ones at the Christmas Star Appeal (Image: Newsquest)

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Gerry Barker, thanked everyone for attending the evening and said: “You’ve really made my evening by coming in such numbers.

“I hope you got some satisfaction from coming.”

The event has made its mark and come to mean a great deal to people across the district in the run up to Christmas.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A choir group played for families at the eventA choir group played for families at the event (Image: Newsquest)

Many attendees remarked how much of a tradition the evening has become, a moment for them to reflect on their loved ones and donate money to an important cause.

Three sisters-in-law who have been attending the event for the last 12 years said: “It’s a chance to remember our loved ones in a nice setting.

“It’s lovely to watch and see how many stars there are up already.

“It’s filling up.”

One of the women had travelled from Lancashire for the day, saying it was an important night for remembrance.

Around the room, families sipped their coffees and teas, scrolled through pictures on their phones, and told stories of their loved ones.

This was the sixth year Bethany Hodges-Rhodes placed a star on the tree in memory of her older sister ‘Lillie’ who passed away at four days old.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Star dedicated to a brother placed on the treeStar dedicated to a brother placed on the tree (Image: Newsquest)

The family has been putting a star on the tree since the 2013.

Nicky Hodgers-Rhodes said: “It’s part of the run up.

“Bethany’s put the star on for the last six years, normally she get’s help and puts it at the top of the tree but this year she’s done it by herself.”

It was the first year for Claire Hickey, the granddaughter of Maureen Dowling who has been coming for several years.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bethany Hodgers-Rhodes places a star on the tree in memory of her older sister Bethany Hodgers-Rhodes places a star on the tree in memory of her older sister (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “ I lost my grandad and I thought I’d come along.

“It’s really nice and it’s not very often you get to come inside City Hall.”

Three generations of women gathered in the corner of the chamber to remember a daughter, sister, aunt and husband, father and Grandad.

Doreen Lydon, her daughter Sue and her granddaughter Chloe said: “It’s a really nice event and it’s tradition now.

“We’re always together for this celebration and it’s for a good cause.

The Full List Of Star Nominees

Abbott, Wilf

Appleby, Eileen

Armstrong, Frances

Baby, Gemma

Barker, Edwin William Granville

Barker , Eunice Shillito

Barron, Bernard

Bell, Private Martin G.M.

Carter, Frank

Carter, Joan

Chadney, Keith Michael

Conlon, David

Crolla, David

Crolla, Philip

Davies, Rosie

Dowling, Dave

Dowling, Nick

Eccles, Gladys

Eccles, Harry

Elsden, Arnold

Elsden, Rina

Fawcett, Freddie

Fawcett, Noah

Firth, David

Firth, Lee

Fortune, Jack

Fowler, Jack

Fowler, Kathleen

Fox, Neil

Greenwood, Felix

Greenwood, Hilda

Greenwood, Peter

Greenwood, Rupert

Greenwood, Sue

Ghulam, Haider

Hallmann, Eddie

Harrison, Jack

Harrison, Mary

Harrison, Paul

Hatton, Irvine

Hodges – Rhodes, Lillie Grace

Holmes, Jean

Hutchinson, Penny Emma

Johnson, Bob

Johnson, Michael

Kenney, Neville

Kellett, Leah

Khan, Bilal

Khan, Imran

Lydon, Judith

Lydon, Tom

Marriott, Lilian

Partridge, Derek

Partridge, Jackie

Pearson, Roger

Plows, Terry

Prior, Dot

Prior, Jimmy

Prior, Pat

Read, Dave

Relton, Donald

Reyaz, Muhammad Asghar

Rhodes, Peter

Rimmington, Ken

Robinson, Alfred

Saville, Ernest                                                 

Saville, Florance

Shackleton, Kathleen

Shackleton, Philip

Simpson, Mike

Smith, Lily Angel

Smith, Peter Craig

Smith, Rodney

Smith, Val

Soothill, Derrick

Soothill, Pat

Stansfield, Clare

Surbuts, Dolly

Surbuts, Harry

Surbuts, Keith

Tempest, David

Thornton, Barbara A

The Crolla Family

The Kucharek Family

Waddington, Paul

Walker, Terry

Walker, Simeon, Terry

Wassell, Derek

Webster, Harry

Webster, Mary 

Whitaker, Roger DL