SPEED cameras are being called for on a busy dual carriageway.

Councillors are pressing for the devices to be introduced on the Aire Valley trunk road in Keighley.

A feasibility study is currently being carried out into the possibility of cameras on Sir Fred Hoyle Way, the Bingley by-pass.

But Keighley East district councillors Caroline Firth, Lisa Robinson and Malcolm Slater are pressing for them to be extended to include the section of A650 between the Crossflatts and Marley roundabouts.

The trio says residents regularly raise concerns about the speed of traffic, and excessive noise from vehicles, on the trunk road.

"It's a subject of frustration for so many residents," said Cllr Robinson.

"It is an issue that people keep talking to us and emailing us about, and we raise it in the majority of meetings we have with highways officers and police.

"People in the bottom of the valley in Stockbridge and Marley are directly affected as vehicles whoosh by, but residents living up the valley on both sides – in Riddlesden, East Morton and Long Lee – are also angry, as the sound carries.

"The police have staged many operations and caught lots of speeding drivers, but despite this we know there is still an issue."

Cllr Firth says: "The police work hard to disrupt speeding and criminality – but this isn’t on them, it’s on the drivers.

"Something long-term needs to be done, as police officers can’t just sit at the roadside all day and night trying to force people to stop being so selfish. We need some sort of speed cameras."

The councillors have met West Yorkshire deputy mayor Alison Lowe, who is in charge of policing in the county, to discuss the issue.

Cllr Slater says: "Alison was in Long Lee with her officers to meet residents and we went along to let her know how much of a community concern this is. We made it clear to her how important it is that Keighley doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of cameras.

"She took it all on board, and we have since been told the cameras scheme is being reassessed to also include the stretch of road from the roundabout at Magnet and B&M to the one at Marley sports centre.

"We desperately hope the criteria that officers are using will show the whole stretch, from Cottingley all the way to Marley, is viable and that we can get a meaningful deterrent implemented."

Ms Lowe said: "Speeding is proven to cause serious collisions and is a key focus of Vision Zero as part of our ambition to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, deaths and serious injuries on the roads of West Yorkshire by 2040.

"Earlier this year I was pleased to support changes that include the more proactive use of safety cameras at sites of community concern where there is clear evidence of issues with speeding.

"I would encourage anyone worried about speeding in their area to get in touch with their local council."