AN “aggressive and hostile” man brandished a large knife at police and threw tiles down from a roof at them in a stand-off lasting 45 minutes.

Jordan Greenaway, 23, of Bolton Hall Road, in Bolton Woods, was jailed for affray at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

A charge of threatening a person with an offensive weapon, bladed article, or corrosive substance in a private place will remain on file.

Two police officers went to Greenaway’s home late at night, after 11pm, on September 14 this year when his sister confronted them at the door.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford Crown CourtBradford Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

Alisha Kaye, for the prosecution, said she “remonstrated her displeasure about police coming for him”.

The court heard she was removed from the property and then Greenaway’s grandfather – who brought him up – was shouting and being aggressive towards the officers, despite being told to calm down.

Greenaway eventually came onto the doorstep and shouted towards police, refusing them entry.

He said: “What do you want with me and I’ll stab you all, you police officers.

“You think you’re big men, I’ll show you a big man.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The case was heard at Bradford Crown Court The case was heard at Bradford Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

The court heard Greenaway threatened to “smash” a porcelain sink – that was in the garden – towards the officers and at one point lifted it above his head.

Police kept away from him, around 20 metres away in the street.

Greenaway went into the house and returned with a large knife, “gesticulating in a stabbing motion” towards the officers.

At least five police officers ended up at the scene, and many neighbours onto the street due to the disruption.

Greenaway then appeared on the roof, where he began “shouting, threatening and swearing”, according to Ms Kaye.

At one point he even threatened to throw himself off, the court heard.

He started throwing roof tiles towards the officers and neighbours on the street, with one hitting and damaging a taxi.

One officer eventually managed to coax Greenaway down, through a skylight in the attic, before he was arrested.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The incident happened in Bolton Hall RoadThe incident happened in Bolton Hall Road (Image: Google Street View)

The defendant said in interview he has mental health issues and his defence barrister, Erin Kitson-Parker, said he “is a man who can’t control his anxiety or temper”.

She added talking about his Pre-Sentence Report: “It doesn’t make for enjoyable reading and it makes his situation worse”.

Greenaway was put in the care of his grandfather from the age of three and had little contact with his parents, the court heard.

Ms Kitson-Parker said on the day of the offence Greenaway had worked and wanted to rearrange his appointment but was unable to and had to walk from Allerton in his work clothes.

She added: “So that’s why he was late but he did turn up.”

Greenaway admitted his cannabis consumption had contributed to him acting in such a way and that he needs to deal with that but is “not in a position to do so”, the court heard.

Recorder Patrick Palmer said: “You were clearly in a very aggressive and hostile mood.”

The judge sentenced Greenaway to 12 months in prison for the offence.