DRIVERS have been warned to avoid a motorway junction after a crash involving up to five vehicles. 

The incident was reported just before 6pm this evening and impacted all three carriageways on the M606 northbound at junction 2.

One car has ended up sideways across the carriageway, which is blocked near Junction 2 for the Euroway estate.

Highways officers were first on the scene, but police soon followed. 

At least two cars were on the hard shoulder, with one or two vehicles stricken in the live running lanes, according to a passerby.

About a dozen people could be seen stood behind the barrier off the motorway having got out of the vehicles they were travelling in. 

All traffic is being temporarily held due to the crash and no injuries have been reported.

A traffic app has reported: "All traffic being temporarily held and stationary traffic due to accident on M606 Northbound from J2 Merrydale Road (Euroway Trading Estates) to J3 A6177 Rooley Lane (Staygate Roundabout)."

A spokesperson fro West Yorkshire Police said: "Police were called at 5.42pm regarding a serious collision on the M606 northbound at junction 2.

"Up to five vehicles were involved in a collision there, affecting all three carriageways.

"Officers attended and are at the scene. 

"No serious injuries have been reported and drivers are advised to avoid the junction."