A PROTEST was held outside Bradford Crown Court as part of the national ‘Defend Our Juries’ campaign.

The Bradfordians joined around 500 others nationally on the morning of December 4.

In explaining the campaign, Defend Our Juries says: “We are members of the public who are upholding the law to ensure that everyone is informed that when on a jury you have an absolute right to acquit a defendant according to your conscience.

“This right has been enshrined in British law for centuries.”

The campaign claims that “judges in UK courtrooms are denying both defendants and jurors their rights by restricting what defendants can say in their trials and by limiting what jurors are allowed to hear”.

Retired nurse Andy, 66, of Bingley said: “I’m doing this because jurors have to know that they can act according to their consciences not just the letter of the law.”

Ludi, 70, a retired university professor from Shipley, added: “The whole point of the jury system is to let ordinary people make a common sense check on the law."

“They allow the local community to make its voice heard and reduce the ability of judges, lawmakers and governments to abuse their power.”