BRADFORD is the hardest place to find work, with almost six people going for the same job, according to a report.

Adzuna, a jobs site, has reported that there are 5.69 people looking for work per vacancy in Bradford currently.

This is more than triple the national average, with the number of jobseekers per vacancy consistently sitting at around 1.5 all year.

Behind Bradford in the list is Rochdale (3.69 jobseekers per vacancy) and Middlesbrough (3.64).

Cambridge is still the top place to look for work with nearly 7,000 available roles and just under 2,300 jobseekers – giving it an average 0.26 jobseekers per vacancy, according to Adzuna.

The report published today outlines that warehouse jobs are the most in demand, followed by lorry drivers and social care worker roles.

The number of advertised jobs in October topped one million, a slight increase on September, and the first positive growth since June, according to the report.

Adzuna said this reverse of a fourth-month decline is due to an increase in festive roles.

Vacancies are still lower than last year, and advertised salaries are continuing to fall, following the downward trend in inflation, according to the job site’s research.

Advertised salaries fell by 0.4 per cent to £36,946 – a four-month consecutive fall and the lowest for six months.

The annual high came back in June, when the figure was at £37,807.

The average time to fill vacancies has fallen to its lowest level this year, at 34.5 days on average in July 2023.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Falling advertised salaries may not appear to be good news for jobseekers but it does signal that the menace of inflation is finally in retreat, as the Bank of England considers whether to hold or cut at the next rate-setting meeting in December.

“We’ve also seen the first regional fall in salaries outside London, with a fall in Wales and growth slowing in other regions.

“Anticipation of a Christmas boost is driving an increase in retail and logistics and warehouse jobs this month, helping to support the national picture on jobs.”

Adzuna claims it has “the most complete index of UK job vacancies”.

Its data and report is based on every job vacancy advertised online in the country from more than 1,000 sources.

Adzuna says on its website: “This data is then normalised, de-duplicated, mix-adjusted and outliers are removed in real time to give an accurate, complete, up-to-the-minute view of the job market.”