EXPERTS at the Met Office have released their latest weather forecast up until December 23.

Overnight, temperatures fell well below freezing across large parts of the UK.

The first widespread frost of the autumn for much of the UK saw sub-zero temperatures as far south as Somerset - with only the north of Scotland and parts of the east and south west of England staying widely above freezing overnight.

In the short-term, another widespread frost is expected overnight after a sunny, dry, cold late-November day.

Tomorrow, cloud and rain is forecast to move eastwards as the day goes on.

The rain is expected to gradually ease through Monday, leaving some brighter skies to develop on Tuesday and Wednesday - and it will stay cold.

According to the latest Met Office forecast, towards the end of next week, temperatures will struggle to get above 3C in Bradford.

Light snow is currently predicted for the Bradford area at around 6am on Thursday - but, of course, the forecast could change between now and then.

Looking at the period between Wednesday and December 8 for the whole of the UK, a Met Office spokesperson said: "Colder than average conditions overall continue to be most likely overall.

"Winds are likely to often be from the north, with a mixture of cold, quiet periods and some more showery episodes with rain, sleet and possibly hill snow.

"Any sleet and snow showers would be most likely to affect northern and eastern coastal districts.

"There remains a chance of more widespread snow spreading up from the south during at least the first part of this period.

"Should this occur, strong winds or even gales are possible across many parts, especially the south.

"Colder weather could persist throughout - however, towards the end of the period there is an increasing likelihood of an upward trend in temperatures as new areas of cloud and rain attempt to move in from the Atlantic."

Looking even further ahead, between December 9 and December 23, the forecaster said: "Should it not have already done so, following a spell of colder conditions the most likely trend through this period is for a return to milder, more changeable weather.

"Wetter and windier than average conditions are slightly more likely than normal, especially in the west and northwest.

"Generally temperatures are most likely to be near or above average overall, although this doesn't completely rule out further, lower likelihood spells of cold weather and associated wintry hazards."