A POLL by a Bradford district company has uncovered primary school teachers' concerns about physical education (PE).

The survey - by Keighley-based PE specialists PE Planning - found almost two thirds of those who responded believed not enough time was given to PE in primary schools. 

Almost two thirds also felt there was not enough support available to help them deliver effective PE lessons.

The poll also revealed that having suitable equipment was a big challenge - with over 38 per cent citing this as making PE harder to deliver.

Will Smith, from PE Planning, said: "Obesity can significantly lower life expectancy, put pressure on our health service and lead to chronic diseases.

"It's absolutely vital we give children the opportunities to experience, engage with and enjoy physical activity within primary schools.

"Teachers have multiple pressures on them, and it's disappointing to hear that many feel they do not have the support, or the right equipment, to deliver PE lessons to primary school children.

"This is a problem we need to address and work on to ensure the children in schools now have the best possible chance of a healthy lifestyle, and life."