MORE than 40 businesses and organisations have pledged to improve the quality of work in West Yorkshire.

The West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter was unveiled by the county's Mayor Tracy Brabin to an audience of more than 100 people during an event at the University of Bradford.

The charter was developed alongside local employers, trade unions and the region's political leaders.

Those signing up have committed to meaningful action across five categories to help provide better pay, conditions and opportunities for all.

The five categories ask local employers to provide opportunity, security, well-being, fulfilment and a voice to their employees.

Mayor Brabin said: "West Yorkshire is a region of grafters, and hard work should always be rewarded with fair pay and conditions.

"This charter was built by our workers, businesses and trade unions, who came together to show us what fair work looks like and set the standard for all employers in the region.

"I'm incredibly grateful to all the brilliant businesses who've joined us already - and I know that hundreds more will help us build a stronger, brighter region."

More information about the West Yorkshire Fair Work Charter can be found via