A NEW family room has been introduced at the University of Bradford so parents can study and look after their children.

The Family Study Room, located on the ground floor inside the University’s library, gives students the chance to continue their studies while their children play alongside them. 

The room features child-friendly furniture, books, and colouring books and pens.

There are fun posters with the times tables, a world map, and a picture of the solar system to educate and engage the children who use the facility.

Student and single mother, Mary Udoka, who is in the first year of a BSc (Hons) Nursing (Mental Health), uses the facility with her daughter Adaora, aged four.

Mary, who previously studied for a MSc in Management at the University of Bradford in 2018, said: “I used to think ‘How do I cope with my studies and my child?’, I was worried before I used to come to this room.

"It has released my stress dramatically.”

Sophie North, the University of Bradford’s Library Customer Services Manager, said: “We want everyone to succeed.

"Hopefully, being able to make use of this space allows students with families to have more of a chance to get the good marks that they deserve.”