ORGANISERS have praised a "unique" day which saw Bradford places of worship open their doors to visitors during Inter Faith Week.

The Bradford Faith Trail offered people the chance to look around five venues and learn about different religions last Wednesday.

It was organised by Deepak Sharma, of Bradford Faith Trail, along with partnership and engagement officer Adiba Rashid and West Yorkshire PCs James Elliot and Dharmesh Mistry.

Deepak said: "The trail started at Life Church on Wapping Road, learning about religious Christian values as attendees embarked on a journey through faiths.

"Other stops included the Bolton Road Gurdwara, promoting Sikh values of selfless service, followed by the Madni Mosque, where the essence of Islamic teachings was shared.

"The trail further ventured into the only Jewish Synagogue in Bradford, symbolising inclusivity and cultural exchange.

"The last destination was the Hindu Temple on Thornton Lane, where the richness of Hindu traditions was embraced.

"Notably, attendees comprised a diverse spectrum.

"This unique event showcased the vibrant religious diversity within the community, promoting dialogue and understanding.

"It stands as a testament to Bradford's commitment to fostering harmony, transcending cultural and religious barriers for a more inclusive future."

Transport was provided on the day by bus firm Rollinson Safeway.