A DRIVER faces three penalty points and a fine for their "heavily tinted" windows.

West Yorkshire Police's Steerside Enforcement Team - the force's dedicated initiative for tackling anti-social and dangerous driving - posted on X, formerly Twitter, this evening about a vehicle officers pulled over.

The team stopped the motorist in the Shipley area of Bradford on Thursday as officers could not see the driver through the vehicle's windows, which were tinted.

A Laser Labs Inspector II Tint Meter was used to test how much light was passing through the windows.

This gave a reading of 27 per cent and the law requires at least 70 per cent to be let through the front side windows and a minimum of 75 per cent through the front windscreen.

A spokesperson for the Steerside Team said: "A vehicle was pulled over in the Shipley area yesterday as the driver could not be seen through the heavily tinted windows.

"We tested the light passing through and found it to be only 27%. The law requires 70%.

"Driver now faces 3 points and a fine."