THE NSPCC, through its Childline service, offers support to children on all kinds of issues, and we’re always looking for new ways to help let young people know we’re here to help them.

Childline is here for every child across the UK, whoever they are, wherever they are, whatever their background.

This week our Childline counselling service launched a new film featuring a musician, an actor and a footballer talking about their experiences growing up to help remind children and young people that support is available. R&B artist Asha Gold, rapper and actor Cristale and Blackburn Rovers footballer Dilan Markanday all feature in Team Talk, made in collaboration with creative agency Versus, to highlight their different backgrounds. The video was created as a result of feedback from children from Black, Asian and ethnically minoritised communities.

Our counsellors have the knowledge to answer every contact with confidence, thanks to regular training, including around inclusion and diversity. One 17-year-old girl said she was feeling insecure about applying for university. She said: “My parents aren’t happy with me choosing an art subject, they want me to do medicine, and now some teachers are telling me the universities I’m looking at are very white and to expect racism. I just want to choose what I’ll enjoy and be good at.”

Another girl, 15, spoke of racism incidents at school: “This boy is targeting Asian and Muslim students, throwing water, shoving us in corridors, shouting things. When I reported him to the head of year I got called a bully. They called my mum to say I was being disruptive. I feel completely let down.”

With this new video, we want to ensure that every child knows they have someone to talk. Young people can feel they have a lack of support, so Childline’s judgement-free, impartial counselling is so important. In the video the celebrities discuss challenges young people may face, including issues pertinent within Black, Asian and ethnically minoritised communities. Speaking about mental health, school, relationships and culture, they encourage young people to use Childline. Asha Gold says even if you have loving friends and family, “sometimes you just want someone who is neutral”. Cristale speaks about Childline’s commitment to confidentiality.

Whatever the reason a young person may need to contact Childline, we want to reassure them they can speak to our counsellors over the phone, via email or on a one-to-one chat on the Childline website.