A live show inspired by old folk songs and South Asian heritage is coming to Bradford this November.

Tappay Tales - led by Bradford author Abda Khan - first came to life in the form of a book written by the British South Asian community in Birmingham.

Abda then brought the project to Bradford - inspiring creative writing by people living across the district.

The project has since led to a live performance featuring old songs, poetry by Sharena Lee Satti and storytelling by Abda herself.

Abda, who now lives in Birmingham, will share her heartwarming and thought-provoking play, Rani aur Amee, starring Ravneet Sehra and Jaya Khazaei. 

Abda Khan, a lawyer turned writer, is the author of two published novels.

The show is taking place at Kala Sangam from 7pm on Thursday, November 30.

Tickets can be bought by visiting the Eventbrite page at https://bit.ly/3sGLJQf