A 25-home development on a former football pitch in Keighley has been approved.

North Country Homes submitted the plans for the land off Parklee Court, Parkwood Rise, earlier this year.

Planning officers have now given the scheme the green light, pointing out the land has previously been earmarked for housing by Bradford Council.

One person had objected to the application, and one person had written to the Council in support of the plans.

One of the objector’s concerns was that the local schools would not be able to take on any children moving into the new estate.

But representatives from the Council’s education department said the plans would not put any pressure on local schools – as neighbouring schools were currently undersubscribed, and this was likely to continue for several years.

A development of this size would usually require 20 per cent of the properties – in this case five homes – to be classed as affordable.

However, the developer claimed in their application that providing affordable housing would make the scheme unviable for them.

After reading the developer’s viability appraisal, planning officers agreed this claim, and so the development will not include any affordable housing.

One condition of the approval is the developer will have to plant new hedgerows on the site.