A BRADFORD teenager has avoided an immediate jail term despite being caught with cocaine while subject to a suspended sentence.

Mohammed Khan, of Manningham Lane, was arrested by police in September on an unrelated matter, when officers discovered six self-seal bags of crack cocaine.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Khan, 19, admitted using cocaine and that the drugs belonged to him.

The offence also put him in breach of a suspended sentence order imposed in August for offences of dangerous driving, theft from a person, and making a false representation to make a gain.

At the time he was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment suspended for 24 months.

After admitted the latest offence he was sentenced to three months imprisonment - also suspended for 24 months - and ordered to carry out a drug testing and rehabilitation requirement for nine months.

In mitigation Imran Khan, for Khan, said the defendant had struggled with a drug addiction, initially using cannabis to help with depression and anxiety.

Recorder Patrick Palmer said to Khan: “You are now going to be given assistance to help you not take drugs. You are going to be watched carefully by the courts.

“This is a chance you are being given by the court – blow this chance and you will go to prison.”