A BRADFORD primary school where "pupils do not achieve well enough" has been told to improve by Ofsted.

Ley Top Primary School on Avenel Road, Allerton, was rated ‘requires improvement’ following a recent inspection on September 26 and 27, 2023, falling from its previous ‘good’ rating.

Inspectors found the quality of the education required improvement, as well as the leadership and management and the early year’s provision. Behaviour and attitudes and personal development were deemed to be 'good'.  

The school was described as a "happy" and "welcoming" school where children were cared for by adults and there was a strong commitment to supporting pupils’ emotional needs.

The report said: “The school wants the best for its pupils and to help them to succeed.

"However, this ambition is not yet realised. Pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), do not achieve well enough.

“Pupils do not gain the knowledge that they need to build effectively on and make connections to their previous learning.

“Teachers and subject leaders do not have the subject knowledge needed to teach the curriculum well.”

The report highlighted that the school was building a curriculum that was ‘increasingly broad and balanced’ but it was at a very early stage.

Inspectors said important knowledge that students needed to learn had not yet been identified.

The report noted areas for improvement including that the school should provide training so that teachers and subject leaders have the subject knowledge needed to teach the curriculum well and develop their skills so they can select the correct resources and reading books.

The safety arrangements at the school were deemed effective.

The Senior Leadership Team at the school said: “At Ley Top Primary School we encourage our children to develop an enquiring mind and a love of learning. 

"We want all our children to realise their full potential and become confident, happy members of our school community. 

“We are pleased that Ofsted described us as ‘a happy and welcoming school’ where ‘pupils know the staff care about them’ and ‘pupils enjoy coming to school and they are safe’.

“We are already working on the areas of improvement that Ofsted identified. We have welcomed support from the Local Authority School Improvement Team who have visited school regularly to support us in moving forward.

“Everyone at Ley Top is committed to working hard to make our school and our pupils the best they can be.”