A BRADFORD watch dealer has been forced to give up almost £100,000 in cash.

Kamran Ahmed, 41, of Wellands Terrace, in Barkerend, was the subject of an application for the forfeiture of seized cash at North Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

The application was granted and Ahmed has been ordered to forfeit £76,760 and any interest secured on that money.

He must also pay costs of £2,886 to Cheshire Police.

The cash had been seized by the force and the application was made under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

This can be done if enquiries show that there is an illegitimate origin for the cash seized and where it is wholly or in part recoverable property.

The subject may have been convicted of an offence, or acquitted and the officer still believes there is a possibility to demonstrate the civil standard on the balance of probabilities that the cash or part of the cash was likely to be the proceed of crime or was intended for the use in criminal activity.

Ahmed is the director and secretary of Ka Watches Limited – a business involved in watches, clocks, and jewellery.

But the company was struck off on Tuesday and will be dissolved on November 14, according to Companies House.

Nearly £15,000 of money held in an account under the name of the company was also ordered to be forfeited by the court on the same day.

The account containing the money had been frozen by an order made by North Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on November 24 last year.

The forfeiture of the money was dealt with by the courts in two separate sums - £2,420.59 and £12,008.11.

Ka Watches has lasted just over three years as a business having been incorporated on September 9, 2020.

The firm’s only accounts on Companies House were filed on August 16, 2022, made up to the end of September the year before.

It showed Ka Watches had an average of six employees during the period, as well as £5,480 in fixed assets, £12,473 in net current assets less liabilities, and £18,314 in capital and reserves.

The company has been handed a number of notices for compulsory strike-off over its short history – on August 9, 2022; November 29, 2022; and August 29, 2023.

Its base was originally Ahmed’s home but the registered office changed to Leeds City West Business Park, in Gelderd Road, on September 7, 2022.