A NEW contemporary art gallery has opened to a warm welcome in Saltaire.

Saltaire Art Gallery, in the heart of the World Heritage Site, aims to showcase “an outstanding collection of contemporary fine art paintings created by both emerging and established artists”.

Founder Nina Hunter aims to bring world-class art to the heritage village - “establishing it as a premier destination for high-quality art in Northern England, and providing a valuable cultural experience beyond London”.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Nina Hunter plans to showcase local artists' work Nina Hunter plans to showcase local artists' work (Image: Nina Hunter)

Nina, an accomplished fine art painter with an MA Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, is a Saltaire resident. Driven by her passion for art and a desire to contribute to the creative community of Saltaire, Nina is the first artist to exhibit at the gallery - to be followed by a showcase of other local artists.

“I’m thrilled about this new venture,” says Nina. “We were met with overwhelming positive feedback during our opening weekend. I believe that many art collectors and artists welcome the news of a new gallery opening here in West Yorkshire.”

Adds Nina: “I see my painting process as a form of self-healing. Engaging in the meditative practice of conscious contemplation, I embrace the moment and liberate the painting from imposed expectations, allowing it to shape its own destiny.

“My artistic drive is fuelled by my desire to convey the magnetic energy of femininity. Within soft layers of paint lies a resilient presence. Embodying a gentle force, she is the unimposing monarch utilising her nurturing power to cultivate peace and harmony and heal the world. While slowly conceiving a new archetype of womankind, I meld with my creation.”

Nina’s exhibition, running until January 14, 2024, is called Letters to Myself - A Journey Into Self Discovery.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Nina's exhibition is a 'journey of self discovery'Nina's exhibition is a 'journey of self discovery' (Image: Nina Hunter)

Inspired by her own journey of self-discovery, it unveils a sequence of personal paintings that “depict Nina’s diverse identities in her life as a woman - ranging from a queen to a warrior to a maid”. The series of paintings represent a “quest to unearth her authentic self, possibly revealing the inconclusive nature of this research”.

* Saltaire Art Gallery is in the same venue as Saltaire Art School, on Victoria Road, Saltaire.

The Art School operates in evenings.

The gallery is open five days a week. The next exhibition will include works by local artists.

“Artists in the district should look out for a call for art in the near future,” says Nina. “We plan to rotate exhibitions every three months.”

Contact Nina on instagram @saltaireart