PETROL is cheaper in Bradford than the national average with all but eight of the 42 analysed on a specialist app posting prices below that mark.

There was a significant rise in average fuel prices between August and September, with Unleaded increasing by 6.4p per litre from 149.1p to 155.5p, according to the AA.

The average was 148.8p at the start of the year.

Diesel has experienced an even sharper increase, going from 151.0p to 159.4p – a rise of 8.4p.

But that is still some way below what the average UK Diesel price was at the start of the year, with 171.1p recorded in January.

The price difference between Unleaded and Diesel was huge at the beginning of 2023 (22.3p) but that has rapidly shrunk to 3.9p.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The petrol pumps at Morrisons, in Mayo AvenueThe petrol pumps at Morrisons, in Mayo Avenue (Image: Telegraph & Argus)

During September and October drivers were hit by "significant increases" in the differences between pump prices and the wholesale price of petrol and diesel - the price retailers pay for the fuel - according to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA said at the end of October these so-called retail spreads were "significantly above the long-term average".

The latest fuel prices – from Tuesday – show the UK average now for Unleaded is 153.6p and 160.59p for Diesel.

But how do prices at the pumps in Bradford compare to the rest of the UK and where is best to go for the cheapest tank of fuel?

We used Petrol Prices, an app and website that more than 2.75 million UK drivers use to save money by comparing fuel prices across the country, to find out, setting our location in BD1, with a five-mile maximum radius.

Five of the top 10 for Unleaded prices are Morrisons garages, with a range of 1p between the lowest and highest.

The two cheapest locations are Morrisons at Five Lane Ends and its store in Thornbury (both 148.4p), while there are two Esso garages, two Sainsbury’s locations and a Shell petrol station that feature in the top 10.

Top 10 petrol stations in Bradford for Unleaded:

  1. Morrisons, Five Lane Ends – 148.4p
  2. Morrisons, Thornbury – 148.4p
  3. Morrisons, Mayo Avenue – 148.7p
  4. Sainsburys, Greengates – 148.9p
  5. Esso, Wakefield Road, East Bowling – 148.9p
  6. Esso, Tong Street, East Bierley – 148.9p
  7. Sainsburys, Rawdon – 148.9p
  8. Shell, Westgate Hill Street, Birkenshaw – 148.9p
  9. Morrisons, Guiseley – 149.4p
  10. Morrisons, Yeadon – 149.4p

The eight petrol stations over the national average for Unleaded are:

  1. Esso, Great Horton Road - 153.9p
  2. Texaco, St Helena Road, Wibsey - 153.9p
  3. Esso, Lowtown, Pudsey (153.9p)
  4. Shell, Shipley (154.9p)
  5. BP, Bingley (154.9p)
  6. Shell, Rooley Lane (156.9p)
  7. Esso, Broadway Ring Road, Horsforth (157.9p)
  8. Esso, Rooley Lane (159.9p).

There are eight results returned that show no prices.

Meanwhile, 32 of the 40 results for Diesel in Bradford are under the national average currently.

The top 10 is dominated by Asda (four) and Morrisons (three), with the former posting the cheapest price at the moment, at its Rooley Lane store (155.7p).

That is cheaper than Unleaded at the three most expensive petrol stations in the city (see the list above).

Top 10 petrol stations in Bradford for Diesel:

  1. Asda, Rooley Lane – 155.7p
  2. Morrisons, Thornbury – 156.4p
  3. Morrisons Victoria, Girlington – 156.7p
  4. Asda, Cemetery Road – 156.7p
  5. Asda, Little Horton – 156.7p
  6. Morrisons, Mayo Avenue – 156.7p
  7. Asda, Pudsey – 156.7p
  8. Texaco, Barkerend Road – 156.9p
  9. Tesco Extra, Great Horton Road – 156.9p
  10. Morrisons, Five Lane Ends – 157.4p

The eight petrol stations over the national average for Diesel are:

  1. BP, Otley Road, Shipley – 161.9p
  2. Shell, Rooley Lane – 161.9p
  3. JET, Pudsey – 161.9p
  4. BP, Bingley – 161.9p
  5. Shell, Shipley – 162.9p
  6. Esso, Great Horton Road – 162.9p
  7. Esso, Rooley Lane – 162.9p
  8. Esso, Broadway Ring Road, Horsforth – 163.9p

There are seven results returned that show no prices.

The app's results change throughout the day and over the week as petrol prices are changed and the above data is correct as of Thursday morning.