A BRADFORD neighbourhood policing team has issued a warning about fireworks after arresting a teenager in the city centre.

The Bradford City NPT caught the 16-year-old boy discharging fireworks in the area on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Bradford City NPT said: "Throwing fireworks in a public place is an offence... and after multiple warnings over the weekend it seems to have gone over some of our young people's heads this year in the city.

"At around 4pm on Monday, a 16-year-old male was caught discharging a firework in the city centre.

"He was quickly apprehended and will now have to work with the youth offending team to reflect and learn from this poor judgment.

"Discharging fireworks like this is a criminal offence as well as being dangerous.

"Those doing such acts, risk causing serious injury to themselves, others and damage to property and buildings.

"If you don't want a criminal record please think twice in joining in with 'the crowd'."