FOLLOWING the release this week of what has been billed as The Beatles' "final song" Now and Then, a hotel owner has revealed how she gave up her bed for the band when they secretly came to stay at her family's private members' club – 59 years ago.

Gail Moss was just 14 when the Fab Four came to Holdsworth House in Halifax on October 9, 1964, as part of their UK tour - which saw them perform in Bradford

Her dad Freddie Pearson, who had turned their stately home into a club a year earlier, had persuaded band manager Brian Epstein to let the band stay that night.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Holdsworth House Hotel Holdsworth House Hotel (Image: SWNS)

And police roadblocks and diversions were even set up around their Jacobean manor to ensure they were not disturbed during their visit.

She said Paul, George, Ringo and Brian spent the night toasting John's birthday 24th birthday before sloping off to sleep in her room, which she had been turfed out of.

And in the morning her mum, Rita Pearson, let her visit the lads before they left, adding that Paul had offered her a cigarette which she declined.

Gail said: "Obviously, every teenager in West Yorkshire was excited that The Beatles were playing their opening concert in Bradford.

"And you can imagine how I felt when my father told me they were actually coming to stay with us. It was a hard secret to keep.

"Paul, George, Ringo and Brian Epstein drank in the Long Bar until the early hours along with John who, despite his toothache, was still the life and soul of the party, told endless jokes and did a brilliant imitation of a pompous Yorkshire mill owner - he was a great mimic.

"I was up at 6am, terrified they might leave early and I'd miss them. But I needn't have worried as they slept in and had breakfast in bed."

Gail Moss, now the director of Holdsworth House Hotel, had been sworn to secrecy ahead of the visit by the band. 

Their stay at the private members' club, then called the Cavalier, was secured through her dad after they performed at the Bradford Gaumont Theatre.

They had been looking for somewhere they could be sure of a warm welcome and, more importantly, that offered complete privacy.

Her mum feared their gardens would be awash with "thousands of screaming fans", but traffic officers managed to stop Beatles' devotees from finding out their location.

Gail said: "At around 11 o'clock they arrived after what my father described as a 'hairy drive'.

"He travelled from the concert with them to give directions, they skirted the crowds and passed at speed through police roadblocks.

"My mother had been desperately worried that the gardens would be trampled by thousands of screaming fans but, in the end, thanks to a police diversion their destination remained a secret.

"Holdsworth House wasn't a hotel at the time, so my family had to vacate our bedrooms for The Beatles to sleep."

She added: "I did tell one close friend whom I trusted, Alison Butterworth - she is still a good friend today but I'm not sure that my other school friends have ever forgiven me!"

Gail said the band had a private dinner and mixed with other private members at the bar while toasting John's birthday.

She added: "The band chatted to guests in the bar when they arrived, then had dinner in a private bedroom upstairs, which today is one of our private dining rooms.

"We still have a signed copy of the menu and their original bills which show a rather rich selection of trout, turtle soup, cold duckling and steak. The bar bill came to £2 15s."

Gail had feared missing the band before they headed off in the morning but said her mum had ensured that she got to meet the boys before their next concert.

She said: "My mother took sympathy and knocked on their door saying 'my daughter's been waiting all morning to see you so she's coming in'.

"I was mortified but they were all really kind and chatty."

Gail said visitors to the house, which has since been developed into a 33-bedroom four-star hotel, love to hear about the famous visit.