A DOG thought to be an XL bulldog has been shot dead by armed police.

The animal was suspected to have attacked its owner and another person as well as another dog, police said.

Officers said they were called to Stainland Road in Halifax at around 6pm yesterday after reports of "a concern for safety" following a dog attack.

The two people were taken to hospital while the other dog was taken to a vet after the incident.

West Yorkshire Police has not confirmed the breed of the dog, but it is thought to be an XL Bulldog.

The force said the dog was destroyed by officers and a woman has been arrested in connection with the incident.

One local resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he witnessed police with "guns drawn at the dog", which was hiding between a shed and a fence.

He said: "Next we had armed police out of the cars with the helicopter searchlight looking for something around the houses.

"The police moved across the houses, knocking on doors and windows and telling everyone not to be alarmed but there's a dangerous dog on the loose and we'll be safe as long as we stay inside.

"They asked if necessary could they come in and up to the back bedroom if they need a vantage point for the dog and obviously I said yes.

"Next, I saw them in the neighbour's garden with guns drawn at the dog which was trying to hide between their shed and the fence.

"They shot it twice, I think.

"I didn't see the actual dog – it was blocked by the fence – but I understand it was a big one.

"A friend said they saw it and it was an XL Bulldog."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson confirmed the dog was destroyed by armed officers.

They said: "Attempts to restrain the dog were unsuccessful and it was destroyed by armed officers who attended the scene.

"Enquiries are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances of what happened.

"One woman has been arrested in connection with the incident."