A NEW Bradford shop is offering bread and milk for just 1p each to help the community with the rising cost of living.

The Go Local Extra store, at 337 Tong Street, Tong, is holding its grand opening today (Tuesday) and from 9am the store owners have offered a carton of milk and a loaf of bread for just 1p each.

Mandeep Singh, who co-owns the shop with his father, Major Singh and uncle Gurokh Singh, said it was a way to bring the community together. 

He said: “This a way to save customers money and put money back in their pocket.

“A lot of people are struggling. Gas and electric prices are high, petrol costs are still high and interest rates keep going up so people’s mortgage payments are high."

“This offer really helps the community,” said shop manager Prakash Patel. 

“In truth, it helps everybody, not just the local community. Everybody is welcome.

“If you miss out, just come in the next day while the offer is on.”

The 1p offer for a loaf of bread and carton of milk ends this Saturday (November 11).

It is also while stocks last. If the shop runs out of the two items, they will receive another delivery the next day.

"People love the new store,” said Mr Singh. “We're buying big to try and keep the prices down."

The first two customers in the shop to benefit from the deal were Jacqueline Bolton and Shannon Bolton.

They said they know a lot of families who are struggling with the cost of living and they were happy with the offer.

“A lot of people will come in and take them up on the offer,” said Jacqueline. “This will benefit quite a few families in the community.”

Shop worker Jas Singh said: "Helping out the community is a good thing to do. It's great to do a nice thing for people."