POLICE have found a man who was allegedly wanted in connection with making threats to kill with a crowbar.

He was located in a property in Bradford's Holme Wood estate on Friday.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said officers were carrying out patrols around Kenton Way when they "spooked a group who decided to run into some nearby addresses".

"The officers managed to surround both addresses and search them," they added.

"During the search we found one wanted male hiding inside.

"This male was wanted for a recent assault and threats to kill incident in the area involving a crowbar."

Police also found bikes inside one of the kitchens.

"Nobody could prove ownership of these bikes and denied knowing who the owner was so we seized them as suspected stolen and our enquiries remain ongoing," the spokesperson said.

Elsewhere in Holme Wood, officers received reports of several balaclava-clad youths "climbing on roofs and being a nuisance" at shops on Broadstone Way.

The incidents also took place on Friday.

The spokesperson said: "We caught four of them with the element of surprise.

"They were detained and searched but nothing was found.

"They were then taken home, their parents spoken with and a report submitted to the local housing provider and anti-social behaviour team about their conduct."

In a separate incident, police seized suspected drugs from two men on Broadstone Way.

They were reported to court for possession of Class B drugs.

Officers also seized a car which was blocking a neighbour's driveway.

"Interestingly the vehicle has no insurance or tax linked to it either," the police spokesperson said.

"We wonder if anyone will come to see us and claim it back?"