RICK Stein will be dishing up memories from his lifelong love affair with cooking in his new stage show, heading for Bradford.

The culinary legend will be at St George's Hall on March 22, 2024 sharing stories from nearly 50 years of gastronomic experience.

An Evening with Rick Stein sees the award-winning chef, restauranteur, writer and presenter delving into his love of cooking and his devotion to British produce. Revelations from the kitchen, musical delights, poetic interludes and stories of global adventures are all on the menu.

Says Rick: “Touring the country with a show sounds really grown up, like being in a band on tour: ‘Oh it’s Liverpool, it must be Saturday’ sort of thing.

"I’ve discovered of late that I love talking about my life to a live audience. I’ve got lots of stories which people seem to really enjoy, like why my nightclub got closed down in the 70s, what was Keith Floyd really like, what the Dalai Lama knew about cooking, and why a pint at 5.29pm is so important.”

As a self-taught chef, Rick's story is one of perseverance and passion. From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of culinary success - with more than 25 cookery books, 30 TV programmes, including 12 cookery series, 10 restaurants and several hotels, Rick Stein is one of the country’s most well-known and best-loved chefs.

An Evening with Rick Stein will explore his career, how he established his restaurant business with no prior experience and his journey to becoming a national institution.

* For tickets go to RickStein.com