An artist has paid tribute to his home city by drawing from Bradford’s famous faces, places, and contributions. 

Paul Halmshaw, who grew up on Cecil Avenue in Great Horton, has already drawn a number of Yorkshire cities.

After capturing Leeds, York and Sheffield, he decided it was time to delve into the story of his own birthplace. 

Inspired by Indie, Britpop and rock art, the detailed piece captures anything from David Hockney and Valley Parade to the iconic ‘Mean Old Scene’ sign.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Paul Halmshaw, picturedPaul Halmshaw, pictured (Image: UGC)

A closer look reveals the long lost Blue Lace, Seabrooks’ logo, the Bronte Sisters, and even the Telegraph & Argus.

You can find name checks for icons like Zayn Malik, Adil Rashid, Roger Hargraves, Anita Rani, Ade Edmondson, and many more.

But beyond the nostalgic reminders of days gone by, Paul offers something more.

The piece is a poignant reflection on the stories shared by an entire district.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A closer look at Paul Halmshaw's print of BradfordA closer look at Paul Halmshaw's print of Bradford (Image: UGC)

You can find the delicately illustrated Bradford Fire Disaster Memorial amongst a menagerie of images and text.

Paul, who has more than 14.5k followers on X, named the popular piece ‘Ay up Bradford’.

It has sent many Bradfordians on a trip down memory lane.

“The Bradford one, it’s so much to draw,” said the 56-year-old.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Paul Halmshaw's print of LeedsPaul Halmshaw's print of Leeds (Image: UGC)

“It’s my memories of Bradford really. It was such a great place to grow up in, to go drinking. People used to come from all over to have a drink in Bradford. 

“I love David Hockney stuff. I love his stuff. I think it’s amazing, the colours. I don’t like anything done on a computer really but I like his iPad stuff and how he draws shadows, it’s absolutely amazing.

“I’ve got a lot of family still there, a lot of friends. I’ve got great pride in Bradford.

“A lot of these are places I used to go in the 80s. 

“People have also got the same memories as I have really. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Paul Halmshaw's print of YorkPaul Halmshaw's print of York (Image: UGC)

“There’s very little paint on this. This is mainly brush felt tips, a lot of pastel. Some of the background’s paint.”

Having had no formal art training, Paul picked up painting three years ago. 

After drawing the Mean Old Scene mural for a friend, he started to enjoy the hobby more and more.

Paul now lives in York after his job took him to Selby. 

But for the former Grange Upper School student, a piece of his heart will always remain in Bradford. 

He said: “It’s always got a bad press Bradford but there’s so much stuff about it. I’ve got nothing but fond memories of it really.

“They are just my memories, it’s kind of a selfish thing I’ve done.”