BRADFORD-based Safestyle UK has fallen into administration, it has been announced this afternoon. 

Rick Harrison and Will Wright from Interpath Advisory were appointed joint administrators to H.P.A.S Limited, trading as Safestyle UK, Style Group Holdings Limited and Style Group UK Limited today (Monday). 

In a statement, the administrators said: "Unfortunately, with Safestyle UK ceasing to trade following the appointment of the administrators, it is with regret that customers are advised that orders will not be fulfilled by the Company in administration.

"The administrators continue to explore the possibility of selling certain business and assets to a third party. In the event of a successful sale, customers may be entitled to have their orders completed by the purchaser. "

What happens if I’ve booked an installation?

"Customers who have booked an installation, but have not yet paid a deposit, are advised that the installation will not be performed by the company in administration and the order is cancelled with no payment due," said the administrators.

"If you have agreed finance on your planned installation, please contact the finance provider to understand how this agreement can be cancelled."

What if my installation is part way through?

The administrators said: "Customers who are mid-way through the installation process are advised that the company in administration is unable to complete the installation, and as such, they will need to seek alternative installers.

"In this circumstance, customers will not be charged by the company in administration for the remaining balance owed."

What if I’ve paid a deposit and not yet had my windows installed?

"Customers who have booked an installation and who have paid a deposit are advised that, regrettably, the installation will no longer go ahead by the company in administration," said the administrators.

"Customers are advised to contact their credit or debit card provider with a view to making a claim for their deposit under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

"You can find more information about how to do this here: Problems with goods and services: section 75 and chargeback (

"If a customer has paid a deposit in cash, unfortunately, this will not be repaid to them.

"A customer should visit the Interpath insolvency portal and fill out a “proof of debt” form and send this to

"Note that these claims will be an unsecured claim in the administration, and at this stage we are not able to confirm if there will be a pence in the £ return on any claims submitted (and this will take some time to establish). 

"Reports will be issued to creditors of the company via the Interpath insolvency portal that will provide more detail (the first report being within eight weeks of our appointment)."

Who is my finance provider?

The administrators said: "Your order details will identify Novuna Personal Finance or Omni Capital Retail Finance as your finance provider.

"Please contact them on the number provided on your order form or the contact details in your finance agreement."

What if my windows have been fitted and I have a warranty issue (now or in the future)?

"Customers who have had windows fitted but are experiencing a warranty issue should contact the warranty insurance provider, Installsure," the administrators said. 

"Note however that if payment for your installation is set-up via a finance provider, please contact your finance provider in the first instance."

What happens if I’m paying for my windows via monthly payments?

The administrators said: "Customers who have had windows fitted and who are paying via a payment plan should continue to make their payments as usual.

"Those customers who are paying for their windows on finance should continue to continue to do so and if unsure, contact your finance provider. "

Being alert to scams

"Note that if there is a sale of the company’s business and assets to a third party, the joint administrators will make this clear via the Company’s website and Interpath’s insolvency portal (search “Interpath insolvency portal” in your search engine, and then search “HPAS Limited” in the portal). No one from Interpath Advisory or the Company in administration will contact you to complete the installation of your windows or seek payment for the same," said administrators.

"You should only speak to your finance provider about your finance agreement.

"Do not give details of any claim or any personal or bank account details to anyone who approaches you alleging that they work for the FCA, Interpath Advisory, the Joint Administrators or the Company, or otherwise. 

"If you do require assistance or are unsure as to the validity of any correspondence you have received, please contact our customer help email address on Please note in the event we experience a high volume of enquiries; it may not be possible to respond to your query immediately."