RESIDENTS are being given the chance to comment on road humps planned for a Bradford street.

The locations, nature and dimensions of the proposed road humps, in Beacon Road, will be as follows:

*Beacon Road, 71m from its junction Road with Cooper Lane, where there will be two blacktop cushions 1.9m wide, 1.9m long and 75mm high

*Beacon Road, adjacent to numbers 526, 494, 297, 239/241, 219, 99/201, 187/189, 175, 159, 109 adjacent to Beacon Community Church, 172 adjacent to Madrassa Tul-Madina (No. 71), 41/41A and 24/26. There will be three blacktop cushions at each location with dimensions 1.9m wide, 1.9m long and 75mm high.

*Beacon Road, on either side of the pedestrian refuge adjacent to properties 315/317, 311 and 313, 38 and 40, and numbers 64 /No. 1 Thorncroft Road. There will be one blacktop cushion measuring 1.9m wide, 1.9m long and 75mm high.

*Beacon Road, adjacent to property numbers 402/404 , 382/ 384, and 13/15. There will be one blacktop plateau hump measuring 9m to10m wide, 9m long and 75mm high.

Copies of drawing number HS/TRSS/105670/CON-1A and CON-2A showing the affected roads may be examined during normal office hours at the Customer Services Reception, Ground Floor, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 1HY or on the council's website at They can also be obtained from Shahid Aziz, Engineer, Traffic & Road Safety, Planning, Transportation & Highways by email Quote reference number HS/TRSS/105670/SA.

If you wish to object to the proposed road humps you should send the grounds for your objection in writing either by post to the address below or by email to to be received no later than 12 noon on 10th November 2023 quoting reference CORP/PCD/ JLF/415081.

Members of the public have until Thursday November 9 to comment on an application for a goods vehicle operator’s licence at a site in Shipley.

Tarandeep Singh Athwal trading as RSA Plant & Aggregates Ltd of 21 Wild Heather Close, BD13 5ET, is applying for a licence to use Unit 1 Wharncliffe Road, BD18 2AW, Shipley as an operating centre for one goods vehicle and no trailers.

Owners or occupiers of land, including buildings, near the operating centre, who believe that their use or enjoyment of that land would be affected, should write to the Traffic Commissioner at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds LS9 6NF, stating their reasons by November 9. They must at the same time send a copy of their representations to the applicant at the address given. A guide to making representations is available from the Traffic Commissioner's Office.