POLICE have issued a warning to drivers following an incident where a driver drove on the pavement to overtake a bin lorry.

Although no workers were injured in the West Yorkshire incident, the police have warned drivers to not to drive on the pavement to ensure the safety of workers.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "We have recently been made aware by colleagues from Wakefield Council that whilst bins were being emptied in the Whitwood area, a car mounted the pavement to try and overtake the bin lorry.

"Luckily, the car managed to avoid the workers, and no one was hurt on this occasion.

"Drivers are asked not to drive on the pavement to try and get around a bin lorry for the safety of the people that work hard to ensure that our bins are collected every week.

"We know it can often be frustrating to be stuck behind a bin lorry but there are often workers moving around the vehicle in order to carry out their duties and you may not be able to see them."