This week's MP's column comes from Robbie Moore, Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley

We deserve better from our local leaders.

That’s why this week at Prime Minister’s Questions, I raised my campaign to break away from Bradford Council directly with the Prime Minister.

Put simply, residents across Keighley, Ilkley, Silsden and the Worth Valley are fed up with Bradford Council refusing to listen to local voices – and we are fed up with their defenders constantly trying to shift the blame for the Council’s own mistakes.

Just this week, for example, the people of Ilkley sent a clear and resounding message rejecting Labour’s plans for a town-wide 20mph scheme and blanket speed humps.

But just hours after the public poll, Bradford Council and Ilkley’s Labour Mayor signalled that they would be forcing the policy through regardless, completely ignoring the overwhelming opposition shown across the town.

It was a damning indictment of local politics – and a reminder that proper local representation matters more than ever.

Individuals need to have trust in their local authority to act in their best interests, but for far too long Bradford Council has continued to erode this trust across Keighley, Ilkley, Silsden and the Worth Valley – and many residents quite rightly feel completely unrepresented and ignored by our local authority.

So whether it’s ignoring the Green Space referendum in Keighley or the recent 20mph referendum in Ilkley; or Bradford Council’s recent decision to ride roughshod over residents in Silsden, approving plans for 138 extra houses despite Silsden’s infrastructure not being able to cope; or their catastrophic failures on Children’s Services, which saw the Council being stripped of its responsibility for the service by the Government; or their refusal to instigate a review into child sexual exploitation in our district, simply sweeping this issue under the carpet; or their complete inability to invest our own council tax back into our area, investing in city centre white elephants instead.

The reality is that these are failures that lie squarely at the feet of Council leaders themselves – and it is high time Keighley and Ilkley, and indeed neighbouring Shipley, took back our independence from Bradford Council and formed a new local authority which represents our priorities first.

I have always been clear that this isn’t a red or blue issue. In fact, my campaign is supported by local people of all political stripes, who have experienced first-hand the ineptitude of our local Council.

This is about fighting for a Council that puts local people first, over a Council that does not.

And so, in the coming weeks I look forward to my meetings with Ministers and further discussions with the Prime Minister on these plans, where I will always stand up for our area and make our case for a truly local authority.

It’s time to take back our town from those who do not have our best interests at heart.