IN a city brimming with youth and diversity, one intimate gig became a vivid mosaic of artistic expression.

Bradford’s teeming student population and multicultural fabric foster an energetic cultural scene. As the city gears up for its 2025 UK City of Culture celebrations, events like the recent Bradford Young Promoters gig showcase the creative spirit already flourishing in the community.

Organised by myself, a budding arts and culture curator with a recent Master’s graduate in Digital and Strategic Marketing from the University of Bradford, this event spotlighted diverse talent rarely seen on mainstream platforms. It was part of the Bradford Young Promoters programme, which empowers young creatives to organise live music events within the district.

On a balmy evening, attendees packed into Fuse Arts Space in Bradford city centre. What unfolded was a mesmerising artistic feast - captivating music interwoven with arresting poetry and visual art.

Soul-stirring poetry performances gave marginalised voices an empowering platform. Local musicians channelled raw emotions into songs with vulnerable authenticity; and striking visual artworks lining the walls offered inspiring visions of humanity.

The variety of artists mirrored Bradford’s rich diversity. Mado, a Japanese-German exchange student studying photography and cinematography at the University of Bradford, serenaded the audience with her rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon along with some of her unreleased original songs.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mado entertained the audience Mado entertained the audience (Image: Olusoji Oyewole)

Similarly, Zimbabwean-British singer-songwriter MP performed with silky vocals. One of the audience favourites was British-Indian performer Sehaj, who transported listeners to transcendent realms with his enchanting play on the Indian taus instrument.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Sehaj on the tausSehaj on the taus (Image: Bradford Young Promoters)

From his new apartment in California, Adedayo Agarau, a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, embodied the global reach of creative passions. His virtual poetry performance on identity resonated across continents and cultures.

In an ever-connected world, boundaries dissolve when souls bare themselves through artistic expression. As performances flowed seamlessly from spoken word to song, visual artworks seemed to nod in quiet approval. Collective spirits soared. For a fleeting moment, this intimate venue became a microcosm of all culture could and should be. No differences, just the shared human experiences articulated poignantly on stage. Deeply personal yet infinitely relatable.

My goal was to create a space where people could immerse themselves in pure artistic expressions. I wanted to curate an evening where art, music, and poetry transported us - even if just for one evening.

By spotlighting diverse, often marginalised voices, I am working to make grassroots creative events more visible beyond the south’s cultural dominance. As Bradford embraces its youth, diversity, and creativity, this gig offers but a glimpse of the vibrant artistic community ready to be discovered.