BRADFORD musicians have really hit the high notes after they became part of "the most successful brass band in history".

Black Dyke Band emerged victorious at the 2023 National Brass Band Championships, held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.

The event featured 20 elite UK bands, with each one playing the same piece one after the other - while three eminent adjudicators listened carefully.

This year's set work was Edward Gregson's Of Men and Mountains, a 17-minute composition inspired by a journey through the Canadian Rockies.

There were many fine performances - but Black Dyke Band was judged the best, with specific comments from the adjudicators around control, musicality and faithfulness to what the composer intended.

Under the expert leadership of Professor Nicholas Childs, the band prepared meticulously for the challenge.

Professor Childs told the Telegraph & Argus: "This is a band that always steps up to any and all challenges.

"This result, which makes the Black Dyke Band the most successful brass band in history, is the culmination of much hard work in preparation, together with exceptional teamwork and the talent and dedication of each player.

"We are thrilled to have been crowned as national champions once again and we could not be happier."

A spokesperson for Black Dyke Band added: "The competition was as tough as it can be, with many bands presenting exceptional performances.

"However, the mighty Black Dyke Band showcased its exceptional talent and determination and prevailed in a truly stylish manner.

"The band's performance was characterised by an extraordinary level of control and multi-layered musicality, leaving the audience in awe.

"The band's soloists, as usual, excelled themselves with beautiful sounds, teamwork and breath-taking artistry.

"This result means that the Black Dyke Band is now the most successful band in the history of brass bands - as they have now secured their 24th national title. 

"This is an unparalleled and remarkable achievement.

"Their outstanding performance and triumph serve as motivation to all musicians and a reminder of the power of music to inspire, encourage, enthral and move audiences."

The spokesperson added: "This event was a wonderful experience for bands and audience alike and is sure to be remembered by all of us for many years to come.

"Black Dyke Band would like to extend hearty congratulations to all the bands that participated in this event.

"They also express their gratitude to the adjudication team and the organisers for giving us all such a memorable day."