THE work of a growing Bradford company will once again be in the spotlight.

Setstage, which has two warehouses in the city, has been busy building the set for one of the biggest theatre productions in the UK this year.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Much of the set is made up of timberMuch of the set is made up of timber (Image: Newsquest)
Peter Pan - starring Jennifer Saunders, Julian Clary, and Nigel Havers - will run across the Christmas period from December 9 to January 14 at the London Palladium.

Setstage is currently in the process of creating the thousands of little pieces audiences will see on stage during the show.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The company now employs over 30 staffThe company now employs over 30 staff (Image: Newsquest)
"Peter Pan is our first massive foray into theatre," said Chris Firth, head of creative at Setstage.

"Peter Pan is a huge undertaking. It's the biggest theatre production in the country."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: It is crucial the painters use the correct coloursIt is crucial the painters use the correct colours (Image: Newsquest)The T&A visited the company's warehouse in Newhall Way, off Rooley Lane, earlier this week.

Staff have been given a set of miniature model boxes showing how the show's director wants the stage to look - and they have just under a month to get it ready.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: One of the miniature model boxesOne of the miniature model boxes (Image: Newsquest)
"The bar keeps getting raised," Mr Firth said.

"To the brush stroke, everything has to look exactly like the model boxes.

"All eyes will be on the Peter Pan production. All the other directors will go to watch the spectacle."

He added: "You can finally take a breath a little bit when the show opens."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The frames getting weldedThe frames getting welded (Image: Newsquest)
From building stages used in Eurovision to constructing dugouts for the Major League Baseball (MLB) London Series, Setstage has had an incredible year.

The firm has also forayed into the world of TV and podcasts in recent months.

Its work can be seen on the sets of the Ant and Dec show Limitless and the football podcast Pitch Side.

Mr Firth believes the sky is the limit for the company as it continues to expand.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Painters used a cherry picker to add the final touches to one modelPainters used a cherry picker to add the final touches to one model (Image: Newsquest)
He said: "We now employ over 30 people. Back in February, there were six or seven people in the workshop.

"It has been a meteoric rise. We have been going from 0-1000mph. It is a Cinderella story.

"We are currently a year ahead of where we should be in what we are doing. We are bursting at the seams here."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The models being drawn to scaleThe models being drawn to scale (Image: Newsquest)Mr Firth added: "Everybody is an expert in their own right here.

"We are the underdogs, the new kids on the block. Now, we are playing with the big boys.

"We are a collection of mavericks. We have got the bit between our teeth, this is only the start."