A TOP Councillor was called “out of order” after making a jibe against a political rival during a meeting.

At a meeting of Bradford Council on Tuesday evening Councillor Julie Glentworth (Cons, Keighley West) asked Council bosses what they were doing about the number of road signs in the District that had faded, or were covered by vegetation.

She said her role as a driving instructor meant she regularly came across illegible signs.

Her question said: “It is apparent that important road safety signs regarding speed limits, directions, school zones and much more are disappearing, hidden by over grown foliage, or so badly faded that you cannot recognise what it is for.”

A response from the Council’s Executive said: “There are a large number of road signs on our road network which have been installed over a number of years.

“These signs deteriorate over a period of time due to their exposure to UV light or due to the gradual build up of road surface grime over a period of years.

“In addition to signs which are illegible the issue of overhanging tree canopies does obscure signs, particularly during the summer months when trees are in full leaf and canopies lie lower than during the winter months.

“Currently, identification of signs which need maintenance, either because they are faded, or they are obscured by foliage, is carried out by highway inspectors during their cyclical inspections of the network.

“However, the quantum of signs in need of maintenance each year far exceeds the very limited available budget for replacements meaning that a prioritisation risk-based approach must take place to identify signs which need urgent replacement.”

The response suggested that anyone who notices faded or obscured signs should report them to the Council’s Highways department.

Cllr Glentworth replied: “I’m a driving instructor, and many of my pupils have failed their driving tests because signs on the road aren’t visible.

“I can’t take down details of every sign I see when giving a driving lesson.

“I’m sure the Council has the facilities to look at signs and not leave it to individuals to do.”

Councillor Alex Ross Shaw, Executive for Regeneration, Transport and Planning, replied: “To be fair, the individual in this case is a Councillor, I’m sure you’re more than capable of flagging up problems.

“And if so many pupils are failing their test they might need to go to a different driving instructor.”

Cllr Glentworth replied: “That was out of order thank you very much.”