AN award-winning Bradford restaurant has successfully appealed and had its hygiene rating boosted from two to four following an inspection.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently handed out new hygiene ratings to a number of Bradford eating establishments following inspections in September.

The award-winning Aagrah Restaurant on Saltaire Road, Shipley, was initially given a rating of two after an inspection on September 16.

Aagrah, however, appealed that rating, and following a re-inspection received a rating of four.

Tahir Iqbal, manager of Aagrah in Shipley explained why the restaurant was given a rating of two.

He said: "We had a stand at Saltaire Festival and it broke down. It was a heating element inside the sink. We had to get a kettle going to warm the water.

"We appealed it and they've come to the restaurant to do an inspection and they've changed the rating to four."