A FIVE-YEAR-OLD is among three Bradford breakdancers who went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York for an event.

Tech Styles International, based in Bradford, sent three "breakers" from the city to the Big Apple, in the USA to perform as part of the Pro Breaking Tour and Urban Dance & Educational Foundation, celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop.

This trip was a first for the Bradford’s "breakin" scene, as members of the Clean North Crew headed across the Atlantic to visit the historic sights of New York and gain knowledge of where the culture was born.

The trio attending the tour was Bgirl Labyrinth (Himani Bhardwaj, 26), Bboy Elijah (Elijah Thompson, 5), Bgirl Fox (Fiona Thompson, 36).

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Members of the Clean North Crew: Bgirl Labyrinth (Himani Bhardwaj, 26), Bboy Elijah (Elijah Thompson, 5) and Bgirl Fox (Fiona Thompson, 36)Members of the Clean North Crew: Bgirl Labyrinth (Himani Bhardwaj, 26), Bboy Elijah (Elijah Thompson, 5) and Bgirl Fox (Fiona Thompson, 36) (Image: Tech Styles International)

The Pro Breaking Tour event took place on Saturday and Sunday, with several competitive categories and more than $6,000 up for grabs in cash and prizes across the weekend.

This is where Elijah, who is just 5 years old, participated in his first international competition.

A spokesperson for Tech Styles said: "He has been practicing consistently for this event and is so excited to show the American breakin scene what he can do."

On the Sunday, Fox and Labyrinth competed as a duo.

The Tech Styles spokesperson said: "Two Bgirls (female breakdancers) competing together isn’t uncommon within the Bradford community.

"There is a strong female presence within this city, however the same can’t be said for other places around the world.

"Fox and Labyrinth are hoping to make their mark on Hip Hop’s capital and come away with many things to share upon their return from the trip."

Tech Styles International began as a local "breakin" event in 2013, organised by Tranquil Productions, and was the first continuous Hip Hop event to run in Bradford for more than 20 years.

The group is supported by Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Bradford 2025, Tranquil Productions and Arts Council England, and is helping to make a positive impact on Bradford’s growth in the cultural sector.

The Tech Styles spokesperson said: "It is trips like this that can be life-changing to an artist's career and overall growth."

Tech Styles runs a number of local breakin classes, as well as events across the year.

For more information and to get involved visit: techstylesinternational.co.uk or tranquilproductions.co.uk