ONE of the Bradford district's biggest schools "continues to be good" according to its latest Ofsted report. 

Bingley Grammar School, which is on Keighley Road and has nearly 2,000 pupils on the school roll, was inspected by the watchdog on September 14 and 15.

The report praised the "warm relationships that exist between staff and pupils" at the school.

Inspectors said: "Pupils are proud to attend this inclusive and friendly school. They know that they get a good standard of education."

The report described the school as "ambitious for all pupils". 

Inspectors praised the school for knowing the importance of ensuring pupils "benefit from a high-quality curriculum". 

But, the report said some pupils at Bingley Grammar had "little knowledge of fundamental British values" and others "struggle to recall what they have been taught about different world religions".

It added: "Pupils who are at the early stages of learning to read are not sufficiently well supported. This is because staff have not had the training and resources to be able to help these pupils quickly catch up with their peers."

However, inspectors highlighted that Bingley Grammar was a "calm school, where most pupils conduct themselves with respect for others".

The report added: "This is a happy and productive school for staff as well as pupils.

"Many staff are proud to have worked at this school for a number of years."

Luke Weston, headteacher at the school, said: "We are delighted to share our latest Ofsted report that confirms that we continue to be a 'good school’.

"This report celebrates the many achievements of our school and reflects the talents and day-to-day efforts of our staff, students and wider community.

"This good result resulted from a team effort involving all of our students, parents, and staff, which was highlighted in many of the Inspector’s comments."

He added: "The report highlights that some, and it was a very small number, students could not recall some information around fundamental British values and world religions after the summer holidays.

"This is always the difficulty with having an inspection in the second week of term but it should be noted that this issue has nothing to do with our excellent RS department or PSHE leads and teaching, as they did not form part of the inspection.

"Our other development point surrounds early reading and this has already been addressed as we were using an older phonics programme.

"We have ordered a Department for Education-approved synthetic phonics package that will be implemented in school this term.

"Overall, the inspection process was very thorough and the entire staff are very pleased with the validation of their efforts."