Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley will host a talk about the history of underwear on Saturday.

The talk at the Bradford Council-run venue will cover why, how and when we wore different items as well as a look at underwear through the ages.

It will be illustrated with items from the museum’s collections.

Starting with an exploration in to why we even wear undergarments in the first place, the talk will move on topics from how underwear has been used to alter our shape and create silhouettes, to its use in keeping our clothes clean and on to titivating our senses.

There will be a romp through the romanticism of the 1830s, the inventions and strivations of the 1850s, the strictness of the 1890s, the liberations of the 1930s and the foundation of the 1950’s.

Dale Keeton, Conservation Officer Bradford Council’s Museums and Galleries Service, who will be giving the talk, said: “For generations underwear has been hidden from sight and yet it’s one of the most informative articles of clothing we own. It tells us as much about a person’s social and economic status, as their desires and how the wearer projects themselves in the world.”

Booking on this talk is essential email or call 01535 618231.