A POPULAR YouTuber has named a Bradford district burger joint as his new favourite.

RateMyTakeaway star Danny Malin has visited food places across the world and boasts more than 600,000 subscribers on his channel.

He visited Saltaire's Digin's Hut, located in the heart of the World Heritage Site, on Sunday and was blown away.

Malin ordered The Steaky One burger, a chicken wrap, the Dirty Mac fries, and a Crème Brulee doughnut.

After tasting each item, he said it was the "best 25 quid I have ever spent in my life on food".

Malin named The Steaky One as the best burger he has ever tried.

He said: "We have travelled around the world and this is the best burger I have ever had in my life.

"If I was dreaming of a burger, this would be the one. The flavour is amazing. 

"The tastiest burger I have had since I have been doing RateMyTakeaway."

He also loved the "absolutely banging" wrap and the "tasty" doughnut.

Malin said: "Sometimes I come across places where as soon as I eat the food it starts buzzing around my head, and my stomach, giving me these feelings that I have found a hidden gem."

He finished by saying: "I am going to get told off because I am going to eat all of this. I am so happy that I came to this place.

"The easiest 10 I have given. It is my number one spot."