A BRADFORD district man has spoken of his shock after discovering a war medal in his back garden. 

The T&A reader from Baildon, who did not want to be named, found The Burma Star on the ground on Sunday.

He is now determined to reunite the medal with its rightful owner.

The Burma Star is awarded for operational service in Burma between December 11, 1941, and September 2, 1945. 

Those serving in Bengal and Assam in India and China, Hong Kong, Malaya or Sumatra also qualify for the important honour. 

The colours of the Burma Star ribbon represent the sun as well as British and Commonwealth forces.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“The ribbon appears to be in incredibly good nick,” the man said.

“It feels as though somebody’s just tossed it over [the fence].

“I was just tidying around in the back garden, it was there in front of me.

“I picked it up, I looked at it, realised what it was and was quite surprised. The ribbon on it was really very good.

“It looks new.”

The mystery object has found its way to someone with a keen interest in history and connections to veterans.

"A friend of mine was once accepted into the national Burma Star Association," the resident said.

"I've always had a particular in them. I have known people who fought in the Far East.

“The fact it landed in my garden means I knew what it was."

It is not clear how the medal came to end up in his garden. 

The striped material attached to the Burma Star medal is slightly frayed at the edges.  

“It’s a complete surprise finding this when doing a bit of leaf tidying.”

Anyone with information or recognises the medal should email the Telegraph & Argus via newsdesk@telegraphandargus.co.uk

People should use the subject header, ‘Burma Star medal’.