A STUNNING time lapse video using photos of an iconic Yorkshire view taken at the same time each day captures its changes throughout the seasons.

The montage was created by Chris Russell, 49, who started taking pictures of Knaresborough Viaduct in North Yorkshire in January this year.

Since then, he has taken a picture of the viaduct around two to three times a week at exactly 6.30pm.

The video shows the dark nights of January become lighter in spring and summer.

Chris said: "My new phone has a new function on it that lets you do the time lapses.

"I thought I would go down to the viaduct and look at doing a time lapse, and that's where it kicked off.

"It's become a bit of a habit after that.

"I uploaded it to TikTok and we've had lots of positive comments - we've not had any negative ones.

"Everyone likes it."

The video, which was taken at Knaresborough Castle, has got tens of thousands of views on social media platform TikTok.

But Chris, who lives in the town, says he hopes it helps boost tourism for the local area.

He said: "It can't be bad for tourism."

He hopes to continue the project until the end of 2023 but wants to start a new video next year where he will take the video from a different angle.

Chris, who owns a clothing company called Zombie Clothes, said: "I'm hoping to continue it and then put a slight twist on it for next year.

"There's another angle where I could go and get a better view and then you would also be able to see the actual sunset."