A BRADFORD musician who recently opened for The Sherlocks has revealed the inspiration behind his newest single.

Sam Carvalho Da Silva, widely known by his stage name ‘Red Shakes’, is a young singer/songwriter on the rise.

His music is inspired by a range of different artists - from The Beatles and The Beach Boys to 2000s indie bands like The Libertines and The Kooks.

It is almost a year since he released 'Borrowed Time'. In that time he has performed at Bingley Festival and recently opened for The Sherlocks.

You might also recognise Red Shakes’ tracks from halftime at Bradford City home games. 

Red Shakes’ newest single, Angel, will be released on Friday, October 6. 

‘Angel’ was recorded at Gafro Studios in Elland and produced by Gus Turner.

Singer Sam is joined by the falsetto vocals of Phoebe Sutherland throughout the song. 

Red Shakes’ music can be found on Spotify.