Bradford 4 Better is starting a campaign to clean up Bradford’s streets, foster a sense of community sprint, and remind people about how much they love their city, all in one fell sweep!

The Telegraph and Argus met up with the chairman, Sohail Ahmed, the treasurer Kashif Ahmed and volunteer Esther N Osakwe. 

Kashif stated the aims of the organisation: “We want a cleaner, greener and safer Bradford.”

The organisation co-ordinates a group of volunteers who travel the city in their spare time, picking up litter and dealing with the problem of fly tipping. 
The Telegraph and Argus saw first hand the extent of the problem at the Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club.

Haqqique Saddique described fly tipping as a “big problem” and said that the club is constantly dealing with rubbish being dumped over a fence on grounds, including takeaway menus, mattresses and even children’s homework - he said “we need to hit litter for six”.

Saddique said that the prevalence of rental properties in the area, and the turnover of tenants, resulted in landlords dumping electrical goods in the cricket club. To illustrate his point we were shown a fridge and freezer unit that await collection by the council.

One of the tactics Bradford 4 Better utilise is WhatsApp and Facebook groups that all complain to the council about large or electrical items that haven’t been collected. Details of the location are posted and complaints are registered by the group in an attempt to force action.

The group is aiming to foster a greater sense of community spirit and civic pride. Sohail said the hope was “changing the world one street at a time”. Esther also encouraged people to volunteer because it was a “great way to make friends”.

This week, the group is launching a meet up to encourage people to meet up and pick up litter as a group.

The event, called “Don’t mess with Bradford” is on Wednesday, October 4, and anyone wants to join in and volunteer should assemble at 5pm in Centenary Square and you can sign up on Bradford 4 Better’s Facebook Page at: