AN ITV drama depicting the five-year manhunt for Bradford-born serial killer Peter Sutcliffe continues tomorrow.

The seven-part series, called The Long Shadow, tells the story of one of the country’s biggest murder investigations.

Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and attempted to kill seven others between 1975 and 1980.

Episode one focused on his first two murder victims - Wilma McCann and Emily Jackson.

On Monday night, viewers will be given an insight into the aftermath of Emily's death, where her husband was treated as a suspect.

A female police officer is also given a dangerous undercover mission, while Yorkshire’s sex workers are dealing with an ever-present threat.

The Radio Times summary states: "The Jacksons receive the devastating news that Emily has been murdered, and Neil accompanies his father to the mortuary to face the terrible duty of identifying his mother.

"Sydney (Emily's husband) breaks down under questioning by (investigators) Dennis Hoban and Jim Hobson, realising that he too is now a suspect.

"A young woman called Marcella Claxton is attacked and left for dead and describes her attacker in detail, but her testimony is ultimately disregarded."

Episode two of The Long Shadow will air on ITV tomorrow at 9pm.