A PROFESSIONAL life model has come up with a novel way of raising money for a charity close to his heart - he is staging a marathon nude modelling session at Skipton's Craven Arts House.

The man will pose for six hours - with the occasional 'comfort break' - and is happy for anyone to come along to give life-drawing a go - they just need to be over 16 years old, and will be asked to make a donation on a 'pay as you think' basis.

He will be raising money for cancer research having recently lost his ex-wife and a friend to three forms of cancer, and over the years, two of his sisters to  the breast disease.

The man, who prefers to be anonymous, said: “I’ve been trying to think of ways to raise money to help fund the research. Now, with the backing of Craven Arts, I’m in a position to do it, with the assistance of the community.”

The session will take place at Craven Arts House, Otley Street, on Saturday, October 14, from 10am to 4pm. Anyone can drop in an draw for as long as they like and donate whatever they can to the collection.

“Obviously there will be little breaks, because – believe it or not – standing in one or two positions for long periods is quite tiring,” he said.

The session is being held to coincide with the National Big Draw event – and hopes to draw in plenty of support.

The man said: "People often say they’d like to try life drawing and then exclaim ‘But I can’t draw.’ Everyone can draw. Look at the example of children who without training instinctively draw.

"What I suspect makes people reluctant to try their hand is the fear that someone is going to criticise. In this session there will be none of that. People don’t have to show their drawings to anyone else. The marathon is untutored and could be a valuable session for students trying to improve their skills or those who just are starting out."

He added: "Life drawing can be fun. There is no mystique, taboo or embarrassment. First-timers may find that the challenge is something they’d like to follow up with the regular sessions at Craven Arts House – completely informal and relaxed.

"This is your chance to try something new, and contribute to a worthy cause. I hope to see you as well."

Ann Rutherford, artist and director of Craven Arts, said: “We are very happy to provide the venue and staff free for such a worthy cause.”

People are asked to bring their own paper and drawing materials.