A BRADFORD solicitors firm of more than 100 years has made four members of staff redundant amid "a bit of a downturn".

Eatons Solicitors, which is based on Darley Street, said it was "very sad" to announce the redundancies. 

A spokesperson for the company said: "Unfortunately, we have seen a slight cooling in the property market locally because of the increases in mortgage rates.

"As a direct result, we've lost four members of staff recently as their roles in our property department have become redundant.

"It's always very sad to lose popular and hardworking colleagues for reasons we can't control.

"We've held off doing so for as long as we can but there's no doubt that there's been a bit of a downturn.

"But last week’s decision of the Bank of England to pause any more increases has been very welcome to prevent us having to make any more staff changes."

Eatons Solicitors was founded in Bradford in 1887.